• Automation

    Infrastructure, Build, Documentation, Architecture, and Business Automation

    Facilitate great products/services and a healthy organizational culture with Application Integrated Programmatic Infrastructure Automation, Build Automation, Documentation & Architecture Automation and/or Business Automation.
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  • Micro-services

    OSGi, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless based microservices

    Micro-services, microservices, μservices, SOA 2.0, etc.–regardless of which label you use, the widespread cultural and technical adoption of Agile methods, DevOps culture, cloud, containers and CI/CD methods makes it possible and ever more efficient to build truly modular, large-scale, service-optimized software systems...
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  • Serverless Computing

    Serverless can significantly reduce your operational costs

    Depending on usage patterns of your existing web application or website, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year by migrating to serverless...
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  • Cognitive Computing

    Scale human expertise and augment human intelligence

    Through mimicking the way the human brain works, combining machine learning, reasoning, natural language processing, speech, vision, and human computer interaction, cognitive computing is ideally suited to scale human expertise and augment human intelligence...
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  • Migrations

    Future-proof your platforms and development environments

    The benefits a well executed migration process brings are numerous, including future-proofing your platforms and development environments, enabling development of new features, enabling Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD), saving time and money, and much more...
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  • Solutions Delivery

    Turn your business idea into working software

    From conceptualization through delivery, utilizing efficient and innovative methods and techniques for requirements gathering and analysis, your individual needs will be uncovered and clearly understood, and a solution which fulfills them successfully engineered and delivered...
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  • Consulting

    Gain insights necessary to take effective action

    Tap into the 15+ years of experience and expertise gathered from my work with clients from the USA, UK and EU across diverse industries such as IT, Pharmaceutical, Media, Electrical equipment, Education, Travel, Consulting, Banking, Retail, Finance, Advertising, Real Estate and Fitness...
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