Final milestone of migrating OSGi GraphQL Servlet Whiteboard to Jakarta Servlet API 6.0 ( and Whiteboard Specification for Jakarta™ Servlet ( was completed, as required by several commercial projects being worked on. This project included, among others:

  • Upgrade and refactoring of OSGi GraphQL Servlet Whiteboard to support Jakarta Servlet API 6.x and latest versions of GraphQL Java, GraphQL Java Servlet and Apache Felix libraries
  • CI/CD set up and enhancements, including automated build, integration testing, and release to internal Nexus repository
  • Bug fixes

Technology stack:

  • Java 17
  • GraphQL Java, GraphQL Java Kickstart including GraphQL Java Servlet
  • Jakarta Servlet API 6.x
  • Apache Felix
  • OSGi 8.1, including OSGi Jakarta Servlet Whiteboard API and other
  • Jetty 12
  • BND
  • Gradle

More information: